Urban farming – commercial initiatives

Hoeve Biesland farm near Delft. This biological farm produces mainly meat next to other local farm products © atelier GROENBLAUW, Amar Sjauw En Wa

There are more and more local initiatives for urban agriculture. Urban farms and restaurants with their own vegetable gardens are examples of this.

Urban farms, such as the Hoeve Biesland in Delft, are part of the green recreational network. Here recreation, food production and organic agricultural management are integrated.

Villa Augustus, Dordrecht The Netherlands © atelier GROENBLAUW, Amar Sjauw En Wa

Urban farms can fulfill various roles, such as:

  • stock breeding and dairy production,
  • growing fruits and vegetables,
  • ornamental plant cultivation,
  • patient care farms,
  • cultivating mushrooms, and
  • U-pick farms.