Waterproof utilities

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To allow neighbourhoods to continue to function during a flood and to ensure their speedy recovery afterwards, it is essential that vital infrastructure be water-robust. For example, a working power supply is important for pumping to continue. Energy and drinking water is essential if people are to stay in or to return to a flooded area.

Making infrastructure water-robust also ensures that it does not sustain excessive damage. For example, laying sewers deep enough ensures that they will not float. Drinking water pipes which are deep enough also are damaged less easily. Residential power lines and local transformers can best be located on high ground.

Raising at least the district’s transformers and the power lines to the houses also ensures that communication networks continue to function properly, as this is obviously necessary as well.


Waterproof utilities - Source: atelier GROENBLAUW
Rainproof utilities - Source: atelier GROENBLAUW