Communication and information

coördinatiecommissie integraal waterbeleid © coördinatiecommissie integraal waterbeleid

A good communication strategy that prepares citizens for a disaster is highly important. This starts with providing information and making people aware of the possibility, probability and magnitude of flooding, combined with a good warning system. This is especially the case for areas with a real chance of flooding, such as floodplains and polders at critical places. Municipalities and water boards will then need to regularly provide information and distribute map materials with all relevant information. Information regarding emergency kits, evacuation routes and preventive measures in and around the home is also important.

The Belgian government has published a manual for citizens in flood areas entitled “Overstromingsveilig bouwen en wonen” (“Flood-safe Building and Living), which gives further practical measures for homeowners.


Raised dwelling © John Pardey Architects, photo by james morris