Stop, modify or move groundwater abstraction

- Source: pxhere

Groundwater withdrawals for the production of drinking water and withdrawals for the benefit of industry can lower the groundwater level locally and reduce seepage and thus feed the surface water system. By locally stopping, adjusting or relocating groundwater extractions, these consequences can be prevented. Another possibility is to temporarily stop or temporarily adjust groundwater extractions as a flexible measure that adapts to groundwater levels during dry periods. This measure is especially relevant when groundwater extraction takes place in cities and old wooden foundations or infrastructure are damaged. The reduction or relocation of groundwater extraction must be carefully coordinated, because a balance must be found between waterlogging and desiccation. The complete relocation of groundwater extraction can also lead to flooding in wet periods. Moving groundwater extraction involves new investments and partly maintaining groundwater extraction alongside the new groundwater extraction involves extra costs for maintenance, management and monitoring.
Groundwater extraction is regulated by the Water Act. Responsible is the Water Company; the province regulates the permits.