Night ventilation

Night ventilation - Source: atelier GROENBLAUW

Ventilating properly, in addition to shading, helps keep the house cool. On hot days, it is best to keep the windows on the south side closed during the day to keep warm air from entering. Opening the windows at night will allow the rooms to be properly ventilated for a long period of time, allowing the heated walls to cool as well. These walls then give off cool air the next day.

Warm air rises. Make sure that cool air from the north side can enter the house through the first floor and let the warmed air out at as high a point of the house as possible.

In order to have optimal ventilation at night during hot periods, it is advisable to install mosquito nets to prevent nuisance mosquitoes in the house.

S' nachts wordt er koude lucht op de begane grond in gelaten en de warme lucht boven in het gebouw kan via het dakraam naar buiten.
Night ventilation - Source: atelier GROENBLAUW