Attending existing community group meetings and local events

- Source: pxhere

Speaking to existing groups or at existing events can be a simple and effective way of spreading the word about projects and initiatives. This can for example be done by being present with a stand. This approach can be used to share plans, promote events, gather opinions or share information with specific groups. As the meetings and events are already organised, there is much less co-ordination required compared to setting up your own meeting or event. Turn-out is likely to be good, too, because people are often already planning to attend.

When attending festivals and community events it is often useful to have some materials prepared to hand out to passers-by, and to have a stall which is eye-catching and captures people’s attention. You might want to organise some interactive activities for people to take part in, or even have a raffle prize on offer to draw people over! At meetings you will likely need to prepare a presentation and provide some information for people to take home. It is usually necessary to tailor the messages and materials used, depending on the audience at the meeting or event.

This approach has the potential to reach a wide audience, especially if a series of different meetings and events are attended targeting different groups or geographical areas.