Collaborative mapping ‒ problems, opportunities and ‘dream’ scenarios

interactieve kaart

Opportunity mapping is an accessible approach to generating ideas and solutions with participants. With this technique a map of the surroundings is created on which inhabitants, entrepreneurs and other users of the neighbourhood can give input on all kinds of subjects. The map can either be digital or physical.
Opportunity mapping encourages active participation, as people’s input is directly visible. It gives participants a better understanding of what is going on in the neighbourhood. It also strengthens the feeling that the government really listens to its citizens and organisations. Because you actively ask people for input, it is important to share the results of their input as well as how you’ve incorporated it in your design or plan. Participants can understand that not every wish can be granted, and if their idea is not included in the final design or plan it is important to give them feedback on why that is or is not the case.