Data review and accesibility

- Source: pxhere

There is a significant amount of data available about any environment. It’s important that this information is presented in an accesible and workable manner for all those involved. This data remains largely unknown, hard to find and hard to interpret to companies and indivuduals, despite it being freely available. Therefore it is our business make this informational findable by means of accesible portals that display this data in an understandable manner for non-specialists. By clearly explaining climatemaps, heatstress and more we have the ability to:

  • Demonstrate why certain intervententions or changes in projects or activities are important;
  • Decide what projects or interventions should target; and
  • Provide a compelling case for support or funding.

A key way of presenting environmental data is through maps and Geographical Information Systems.(GIS) Creating these maps requires certain skills, but there is free GIS software available. In the UK and The Netherlands a lot of environmental data can be accessed for free. From the Environment Agency(UK) and from (NL)and other government sources. This can be complemented with data from local authorities, charities, environmental record centres and with data collected by local people, volunteers and citizen scientists. Maps and data analysis can be presented online, in infographics or in paper documents.