Garden makeover competition videos

© Arjan Grent

Half of the city is public space. Owners and tenants are often not aware of the effect of climate change and don’t know what they can do to reduce this problem. By pulling a paving stone out and putting a plant in, the problem is easy to solve. A green garden catches heavy rainfall and creates a cool space in the summer. With a garden makeover competition you can challenge residents and make them aware of the problem. The three best ideas of creating a green neighbourhood win a garden makeover. These winners become green ambassadors (instead of a civil servant doing this). They inspire others by explaining how important it is to make a green garden and how to do this easily. By co-operating with other tenants more green gardens are created and a green and water-resistant neighbourhood emerges. Newspaper articles, videos and vlogs on social media and television about the garden make-overs strengthen the effect.

Examples:; big garden metamorphosis