Guerrilla actions/flash mob

- Source: pxhere

Government organisations are often quite stern and rigid: everything needs to be planned and must meet all policy requirements. Municipalities and authorities are good at informing people but prudent when it comes to actions in the public space, as policies are often restrictive. However, only giving information and telling people what to do can be counterproductive. Showing them how they can make a difference is a better approach. One option for this is to start a so-called guerrilla action; this is a marketing technique that tries to achieve maximum result with limited resources. The goal is to create a space in which your message, such as what people can do on climate adaptation themselves, is communicated through human activity. For example, without any notification, go out into a neighbourhood with a small group of people, armed with a shovel, some cultivating soil and heaps of garden plants. Lift some tiles and plant those plants in different spots in the streets. Show people that greenery is good for creating a pleasant living environment, but also show that gardening isn’t that labour-intensive and changing your environment isn’t that hard.