Organising a festival or community event

Organising an event takes a considerable level of organisation but is a way of getting a message out to a large audience, but calls for solid organsation. Unlike attending existing events, by organising your own you can set the tone and focus for the event, making it more appealing to audiences such as families, students, school groups, retired people or the whole community. When planning, don’t just focus on the main message of the event, but consider things like time of year, day of the week, time of day, location and accessibility when trying to appeal to different audiences.

It will be necessary to co-ordinate a large number of different aspects of the event, including:

  • Venue, perhaps including food and/or lodging
  • Speakers, activities, or companies and organisations to staff information booths
  • Promotion of the event to ensure a good turn-out
  • Funding – this could be through selling tickets, grant or project funding, or company sponsorship

For outdoor events you may also need to have a contingency plan for bad weather!