Stakeholder excursion ‒ visiting inspirational sites

Poptahof, Delft - Source: atelier GROENBLAUW

An on-site visit to a showcase project is convincing and inspiring. New solutions are unfamiliar and therefore create resistance. An excursion to a showcase project for which the desired results have already been achieved and work works well to dispel those doubts. It is good to invite residents, administrators and other interested parties involved with the showcase project, such as the designers, the developer and the water board, to share with them the experiences gained and strategies for realising the project. Careful designing of a site visit is always important and should include a introductory presentation and a tour. Participants should be encouraged to pose questions and comment on the topics in order to create genuine interaction and exchange ideas with the project site’s stakeholders. When planning a site visit, it is recommended to make a bad-weather plan, for instance by arranging a large enough indoor venue for presentations and discussions.
An excursion in itself could mark the start of a new project.