Normal’s uptown water circle: Waterrotonde in Normal, Illinois, US

Water circle in Normal, Illinois, US © Scott Shigley

Normal, in Illinois in the USA, has realised a green water square as a meeting place and as an expression of the community’s environmental awareness. The square serves a public function, and is situated near a public transport hub and the Children’s Discovery Museum. The park is used by people waiting for trains and by performers and audiences.

Water circle with the various elements © Hoerr Schaudt

Rainwater running off from the surrounding streets is stored and purified at the centre of a roundabout. The rainwater is buffered to reduce flooding in lower parts of the town. The water is purified using UV filters and ground filters with vegetation, after which it is used for the circular water feature incorporated into the design. That water feature serves multiple purposes, including masking ambient and traffic noise. The purified water is also used to spray nearby streets to lessen heat stress. Hoerr Schaudt, 2011

Overview of water intake points, water treatment ring, and the water element © Hoerr Schaudt
Cross-section of the water circle with the various elements © Hoerr Schaudt
Map of the project area © Hoerr Schaudt

© Scott Shigley
Normal's uptown water circle, Illinois USA, © Scott Shigley

© Scott Shigley
Uptown Normal, Illinois, USA © Scott Shigley