Sun Works Center, New York

Sun Works Center in New York © Ari Burling

Sun Works Center for Environmental Studies, a New York organisation, stimulates the realisation of educational production greenhouses on rooftops.

An example is the greenhouse on the roof of the Manhattan School for Children. This greenhouse is not only used to grow food but also as a classroom where sustainability is taught. In the greenhouse, referred to as the ‘Greenhouse Laboratory’, 40 children can work interactively on growing vegetables while they receive instruction on topics such as climate change, biodiversity, pollution, waste management, etc. The greenhouse also houses worm composting, a tilapia basin, solar panels, rainwater storage and a kitchen.

The greenhouse can produce more than 3,500 kilos of vegetables annually. These are used and consumed by the children during cooking lessons or sold at a stand in the hall of the school.

MacDonald, 2010 New York Sun Works, 2011

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