Many people work together to make the city. It is important to involve stakeholders from the beginning to create support and generate appropriate ideas. This increases the chances of greater quality and success.
- Source: pxhere

Educational and research institutions

Scientific evaluations and argumentation is important within multiple stadia of the climate adaptive project. In the initial phases the need fort he measures to be taken should be exemplified, and in the later phases the effectiveness of those measures taken and their acceptance amongst stakeholders should be examined. Universities are usually open for student involvement within the projects, and can therefore often bring a refreshing and creative take to the table.

Additionally, educational institutions and schools are another way of involving the local community in projects. Working with pupils and students can provide new ideas and perspectives and ensure that young people are involved in the climate issue and thus achieve a sustainable outcome of the project. Parents and teachers can also be involved, which broadens the scope of the project even further.