Many people work together to make the city. It is important to involve stakeholders from the beginning to create support and generate appropriate ideas. This increases the chances of greater quality and success.
Sewer pipes - Source: Wikimedia

Water specialists and sewerage treatment operators

The sewerage and water specialists of a municipality are responsible for the municipal sewerage system and for a large part of the watercourses. Larger watercourses are sometimes the responsibility of regional or national organisations. This varies from country to country.
They hold a joint responsibility with water boars to prevent flooding. Nowadays, part of the task of water storage is entrusted to house owners and companies. Water managers are also responsible for the vision of the water infrastructure. This is how they contribute to a liveable, attractive and resilient living environment.

Water specialists and sewage managers are often amongst the most motivated stakeholders when it comes to climate adaptation as they experience climate change’s effects in its most direct form. Most cities’ water infrastructure cannot process the amounts of water it has to in recent years. This is why flooded streets are now a relatively common sight. Other ways of water management thus have to be found, and as the people responsible, water specialists and sewage managers are often keen to help.