Many people work together to make the city. It is important to involve stakeholders from the beginning to create support and generate appropriate ideas. This increases the chances of greater quality and success.
- Source: pxhere

National government

The national government has the political responsibility for the country. Its tasks are executed through different departments and branches that each have their own focus. A project aiming at implementing climate-adaptive and nature-oriented solutions will probably come into contact with the government institutions responsible for fauna, nature and the environment, water quality, floods and also roads. These institutions are important policymakers, regulators and high-level decision-makers. National governments can be involved in local projects as they are sometimes prepared to support knowledge development and innovation financially. National governments also have an interest in assessing the impact of national policy and its effectiveness at local level, as well as in getting to know the problems better at local level. This is why they sometimes like to be involved in local projects.
These government departments have a great deal of experience and may be responsible for approving authorisations and permits before actions can be undertaken in practice.