Many people work together to make the city. It is important to involve stakeholders from the beginning to create support and generate appropriate ideas. This increases the chances of greater quality and success.


Located within a municipality is usually a diverse set of businesses such as shops, restaurants, manufacturers and offices. These companies are present both in the inner and outer bounds of the city. The differences in function and locations therefore ask for specific approaches tailored toe ach individual business.

When it comes down to a business’ property, it is important to differentiate between manufacturers and offices. For offices a neat looking design is often important fort he company’s image. For properties on with manufacturers are located this is much less important, as the focus lies more on practicality in favour of production. Cost-efficiency is therefore the priority in such cases.

Local small businesses can be involved in climate adaptive projects when they are confronted with water problems, or when they have an interest is a safe, attractive, and reachable location. When faced with problems, entrepreneurs usually apply pressure at the local government to solve these.

To ensure the best results, a communal approach involving most businesses is most effective. Allowing companies to think about problems cooperatively, to have their own input and to share their knowledge can have a stimulating effect. Local governments can also seek to stimulate through subsidies and regulation. The setting of demands for new construction projects or the redevelopment of old properties can go a long way in helping realise a climate resilient city.